About Us

     Electric City Process Service was originally established in 1990 under the name "You've Been Served," a minority owned company with its primary location in Albany, New York.   The company was owned and operated by two brothers, Earl and Eric and they were informally called "The E Brothers." This was before cell phones were prevalent, before Google Searches and before modern GPS systems.  Earl at that time was 20 years old and was the only process server, while Eric, who was only 15 years old, was the Navigator.  Earl and Eric would buy a local map at a gas station, and Eric would blurt out turn-by-turn directions to the service addresses, usually almost always a street behind Earl's fast driving.  Needless to say Earl made a lot of U-Turns.


     Over the next 30 years, The E Brothers continued to do business in the legal service field but in two separate areas.  Earl went on to become an investigator and Eric went on to become a paralegal. Earl was able to expeditiously find and locate defendants to be served, and Eric was able to draft the necessary documents relating to the service of process.  While Earl knocked on eviction tenet doors, Eric studied the laws behind evictions. While Earl conducted skip tracing of defendants, Eric studied the applicable laws surrounding the correct way to serve those defendants.  This has been the perfect combination and provided the perfect ingredients for a thriving process serving company.


     During the midst of the COVID pandemic, The E Brothers decided to reorganize their process serving company.  Now located in Schenectady, New York, the home of General Electric, The E Brothers decided to change the company name to Electric City Process Service LLC, to pay homage to the City of Schenectady which has formally been coined the "Electric City."


     The second order of business was to focus on the quality and speed of service.  The E Brothers realized that the legal professionals surrounding this line of business desired not to have cases lingering around. They also realized that many paralegals, or even those who were representing themselves, had a level of anxiety from the time legal documents were filed to when they were actually served on the defendant.  More importantly, The E Brothers felt that it was a better practice to provide expeditious service of process because if there was an error, either on behalf of their client or themselves, they had enough time to correct the error before a violation of any statue of limitations.


     Finally, The E Brothers decided to depart from the practice of quoting different fees for process service based upon who a potential client was, whether that client was an attorney, another process serving company or just a person trying to get a simple document served on someone. Everyone is treated fairly and equally.All in all, Electric City Process Service LLC is a minority owned and family operated company with a passion for providing lightning fast service of process throughout the United States of America.